• DIMENSIONS: Glowing boomerang seen in Pulaski County

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  • This report from Pulaski County was already intended for Unknown Dimensions coverage in the near future, but it is running this week to welcome readers of the St. James Leader-Journal, the latest member of the growing UD family. As is often the case, it is based upon an eyewitness account posted on the National UFO Reporting Center [NUFORC] website. If you have never visited this excellent source of information, do so at the earliest opportunity.
    It was just approximately 4:00 a.m. on the morning of July 16 2014 when the female witness who made the report sat on her back porch and saw a glow through the trees that was large and bright enough to momentarily lead her to wonder if it was the moon. Then she realized it was in the wrong direction for the moon and moving slowly, but fast enough for its motion to be visible. When it had emerged from behind the concealing foliage and she got her first clear look at it, she immediately hurried into the house to awaken her husband, who quickly joined her in the yard to see their strange visitor.
    She described the UFO as being a chevron or boomerang shape, a variety that has become a relatively frequent description for unknown aerial craft in recent years. In this case, however, it presented a relatively uncommon—but by no means unique—appearance. Instead of displaying a visible solid body adorned with individual lights, either the entire surface was emitting an almost blinding white illumination or the object itself was composed of light. She had been able to make out the shape as the object passed directly overhead, but when her husband arrived he could not do so clearly.
    The unexpected visitor continued on a relatively straight path in an unspecified direction for another 30 seconds or so after the husband came outside, eventually reaching the point where it was not much larger than a star, and then ‘blinked out’. At its closest it was said to cover approximately one-sixth the area of the sky that a full moon would.
    For decades back in the 1950’s nearly all reports of UFO’s exhibiting this overall luminous appearance were either spheres, egg-shaped objects, or an occasional disk. It has only been in recent years that reports of more angular glowing bodies began to be reported in significant numbers. During the same general period there has also been a marked increase in urban sightings over some of the world’s largest cities, both at night and in broad daylight. It is hard not to speculate that the operators of these unknown craft are no longer concerned about being observed or actually want to be seen. Depending upon whether you are an optimist or a pessimist, this could mean that our visitors are almost ready for contact or conquest.
    Page 2 of 2 - Just as much debate surrounds the question of how this visual effect is produced. Those who have described it in detail are evenly divided between those who report that the surface of the craft is luminous and those who describe an aura, usually assumed to be an energy field of some sort, enclosing the object. Most of the speculation regarding the purpose for either revolves around it being somehow associated with the propulsion system.
    This area of Missouri has produced a relatively steady stream of aerial anomalies for more than sixty years now, with an occasional dating back to at least the 1880’s. UFOs are certainly not the only unexplained phenomenon reported from this often rugged region, either. Numerous reports of Bigfoot-type creatures have been offered, including encounters by military trainees on the grounds of Fort Leonard Wood. Black panthers, which are not supposed to exist in the wild outside of Asia, are seen so frequently in some areas that the stories no longer raise the eyebrows of locals. There was even at least one sighting several years ago of a bird flying at low enough altitude to be seen clearly and said to be about the size of a private aircraft. I suspect that it will continue to produce encounters with the unknown in the future.
    If you have had an encounter with any type of paranormal or unexplained phenomena, no matter where or when it occurred, I would like to add it to my ever-growing files. Send me a complete account, with as many details as you can. Include your name and a telephone number or email address I can reach you at if I need more information. Complete anonymity, if requested, will be observed if your experience is used for publication. Send accounts and comments to samuptegrove@gmail.com.
    A special note to new readers of Unknown Dimensions in the St. James area: I hope that you have enjoyed reading this column and look forward to doing so in the future. While this column covers the entire American Heartland, including Missouri and the states bordering it, preference is given to reports from areas where the column runs weekly. Whether or not it continues to appear, however, is up to you. The editor took a risk by running a feature on a controversial topic, and the only way he will know how you, the readers respond to column is for them to take a few moments to let him know. In addition, I am also depending in part upon you who have had an unexplained experience to send me the information at the email address below. All requests for anonymity will of course be honored if it is ever used for publication in any form.
    Sam is a long-time researcher and investigator of the paranormal. He resides in southwest Missouri. Send accounts and comments to samuptegrove@gmail.com.
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